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    With over 20 years experience in the installation and maintenance team makes our team professionals

    Our team will install you the hall, delivers the necessary accessories and even arrange transport for you if necessary. We are also involved with the aftersevice after the completion of the building. Technical knowledge and the right skills and techniques for installation are the ones that ensure your halls long life, and compliance with the regulations.


    The installation is very fast compared to conventional constructions. Components supplied to a concrete or asphalt foundation site, which is prepared by the customer. Hall will be anchored firmly and securely attached to concrete or asphalt. Many years of expertise allows the installation to carry out the process with minimum delay. Our team has necessary equipment, so the work will run smoothly.

    Transport  Teraksontsruktsioon PVC  PVC paigaldus


    Hansahall team will always deal with maintenance after completion of the hall. We can either come there or send a repair kit for a small work. Team will always come and perform necessary work for a major repairs. Lifetime of PVC cover is 25 to 30 years and steel construction has it 50+ years. All our products has long warranty period, which is already talking in terms of quality for themselves:

    • PVC cover and steel constructions: 5 - 10 years. (Depends on the type and manufacturer of the hall)
    • Other details and installation works: 2 years

    The guarantee applies only to Hansahall´s qualified team works!

    PVC kate  PVC kate


    Halls can be relocated. For short distances, it is possible to move the entire hall in one piece using the crane. For longer distances, the hall will be opened with and put together again in a new location. When we relocate buildings to new areas, we take into account any differences between the localities in terms of snow loads and we can reinforce your building as necessary. Relocating an entire building requires special installation expertise!

    PVC hallide transport