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    Hansahall offers weather protection in different forms. From small tarpaulins up to giant hangars. PVC tarpaulins and coatings are suitable for the transportation, swimming pools as well as different storage area.


    • PVC covers and tarpaulins - Provides protection for different materials, boats and buildings
    • PE tarpaulins - Perfect for short-term protection.
    • JP Strappen connections - Our patented connections are 4-times stronger than loops
    • Lifting device "Lyfstegel" - Solution to move 3,000 kg of load
    • Truck covers and siders - Protection for trailers, trucks, botas etc.
    • Swimming pool covers - Protection for swimming pools in all seasons
    • PVC Curtains - Industrial curtains for different purposes.
    • PVC banners - Weatherproof advertising opportunities.
    • Trampolines - Special-purpose PVC products.

    PVC kate Konteinerikate Asfaldikate Isoleermatt Tõstmispuri Present Tent Rekka tent Batuut Banner PVC kardin Haagise tent